Sari sportmanagement is a company managing the careers of professional sportsmen, led by the agent Suat sari. It was founded in 2010 and currently has offices in Copenhagen and Istanbul.





A player scout typically attends as many football games as possible to evaluate targets first hand. Scouts who wish to identify promising young players typically attend lower-league club games, where their talent can be compared to older peers, or under-16, 18 and 21 international tournaments. Scouts may also receive tips from agents, peers and club colleagues.



Evaluating players


On the first evaluation, player scouts determine whether a player has the desired technical attributes to succeed at the sport. They then highlight this player to the club management. Some of the desired attributes that scouts look in players include:

•Goalkeepers: good reflexes, communication with defence, one-on-one ability, command of the penalty area and aerial intelligence.

•Centre-backs: good heading and tackling ability, height, bravery in attempting challenges, concentration.

•Full-backs: pace, stamina, anticipation, tackling and marking abilities, work rate and team responsibility.

•Central midfielders: stamina, passing ability, team responsibility, positioning, marking abilities.

•Wingers: pace, technical ability like dribbling and close control, off-the-ball intelligence, creativity.

•Forwards: finishing ability, composure, technical ability, heading ability, pace, off-the-ball intelligence.